How the blockchain is integrated in Crazeshine ?

Crazeshine relies on Cygnus wallet through which players are able to partecipate in th skill-based e-sports system as well as the in-game store purchases via Cygnus tokens. Also we now plan Crazeshine to be hosted directly on the Blockchain, meaning that it won’t require any server to run and will remain active 24h/7d forever with no down times for players.

How to acquire Cyg Tokens ?

Cygnus tokens can be acquired directly from Cygnus digital wallet, can be purchased through the official Cygnus exchange or you can simply ask someone to gift you some.

Is Crazeshine free to play ?

Crazeshine is not set to be free to play at the moment, but we might consider converting our business model one day.

When is Crazehine scheduled to release ?

The pre-access release date is still yet to be announced, but soon will be revealed.

What are the benefits of using Cygnus currency on Crazeshine?

Cygnus token hosts instantaneous transactions, has unlimited scalability; It is the safest tool which could be used for the skill based e-sports tournaments as they system is powered by smart contracts, which are transparent and immutable, in addition the tokens are stored inside Cygnus third party wallet, reducing almost to 0 the possibility to get hacked; It is backed by real cash from the users who purchase it, which means you'll be always able to covert it back in your preferred currency;

What are the unique modes which Crazeshine hosts ?

At the moment Crazeshine team designed : Mexican Standoff, Attack & Defend The Castle & Open World Fortress X, Hyper Zombie Escape. All the details will be disclosed in time.

How the skill based e-sports system works ?

You can find everything you need to know about Cygnus Skil Based E-Sports at the following link: Also, we might integrate two more modes, one where 65/100 players win 50% in a single match and the other where 80/100 players win 25% in a single match,

On which platforms is Crazeshine built for ?

Our plan is to build and release the video game for Pc, Console such as Xbox One & Ps4 and mobile on Ios & Android.

What is your business model concerning the e-sports system ?

We will take a token cut on all the e-sports tournaments.


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