At Cygnus we are always open to hosting exciting new projects, and we would be happy to see your video game or app onboard. If you are willing to integrate into our platform, take the first step by reading the "How to apply?" section and filling in the application form.

How to apply ?

1. Cygnus Marketplace supports every kind of platform. You must specify which platform/s are you targeting.

2. The module must contain your contact information such as name, surname, email address, state, city, address, the project’s detailed description and your website address if applicable. 

3. If you wish to monetize your product you must select the ways you prefer to be paid and provide us the relative account details.

4. The app/s will be reviewed from Cygnus staff before being published to prevent any type of malvare or scam.

5. You must agree to our Cygnus publishing contract.

6. We will review your request within 7 business days, and the reply will be sent to the email that you indicated in the form. 

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